What's That

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My First Animated Storybook


What's That?

"What's that?" is the most frequently asked question by any child aged between 2 to 4 after he/she is able to speak. This is also beginning of our child's journy to explore the world.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak throughtthe world, this generation of children is unable to explore the world safely and freely like any others. Under these circumstanaces, we have developed this "What's that:Early Learning App". Our purpose is to use beautiful stroybook style animation, professionally recorded audio plus fun game-stlye ineraction, to allow our children to explore beaches, zoos, aquariums and many other wonderful places without impact from the virus. Most importantly, our App aims to make our children see and remember the beauty of our world at the early stage of their life.


StoryBook Style Animation

Children love stories, and what better way to engage thier imagination than through colorful animation and storytelling.

Play-based Touch-to-Learn Interactions

Touch-to-learn encourage independent learning and lets your child work through new words at their own pace

Professionally Recorded Audio

Develop listening skills through interactive play that incorporates sounds. Children learn to speak the new words they learn through the integrated audio.

Dashboard showing learning progress

Watch your child's vocabulary grow the more they use the app. A learning progress chart shows you, at a glance, how much they have accomplished


Give your child the headstart they need to interact in the world. WHAT'S THAT? helps them build their
vocabulary, so they can better express themselves and speak with confidence.